Gold Rush Online Slot Machine Review

Gold Rush is a three reel online slot machine. Gold Rush has one payline. You can play up to 3 coins on the Gold Rush slot machine. Gold Rush has one feature which is a wild, multiplier symbol. The multiplier symbol will increase the payouts when it appears in a winning combination.

About Gold Rush

The Maximum payout is 400 credits and it only pays when you play the maximum number of coins which is 3.

This is an excellent slot machine for players that are looking for a basic three reel online slot machine and with its wild multiplier symbol, Gold Rush is a good introduction to an advanced feature that online slot machines are known for.

Wild Multiplier Symbol

The Cowboy symbol is the wild multiplier symbol. The cowboy symbol substitutes and multiplies the winning combinations. One Cowboy symbol will double the payout of any winning combination it completes. Two Cowboy symbols will quadruple the payout of any winning combination they complete. Three Cowboy symbols will trigger the jackpot.

gold rush slot

The payout table for Gold Rush is conveniently located right on the mobile slot machine.

Payout Schedule

The number of credits won is dependent on the amount that you have bet as well as the winning combination on the payline once the reels have stopped spinning. You win the number of credits multiplied by your bet size.